Wiregrass Noms visits The Alabama Pecan Company

The Alabama Pecan Company is exactly the type of place that we love to share with a new audience. It is a small town cafe that the locals know and love, but I feel like it is our job to highlight these places so that as many people as possible can know they exist. The owners are doing an incredible job on social media, so of course that’s where we discovered them. We sent a few messages back and forth, then we were on our way to Samson to meet in person. Yes, the Alabama Pecan Company sells pecans, but there’s so much more there. We shopped at the gift shop while waiting for our friends to arrive. It reminded me of an old country store with various local gifts and lots of flavored pecans and coffees. We took home some margarita pecans, some maple flavored coffee, and a pecan sampler that included four different varieties of nuts in a neatly presented container (I’m actually eating some of those pecans as I type this). Where the real magic was happening was the attached cafe.

If you want to see all the foods I talk about here you can of course go to our page and watch the short video tour. We started with some breakfast items. First was a picture-perfect plate of fluffy pancakes dusted with powdered sugar accompanied by a sausage patty and a fried egg. We also sampled the French Toast, and Amanda’s favorite, the pimento cheese biscuit. Imagine (or go watch our video) a big, fresh, fluffy biscuit with sausage and creamy pimento cheese just pouring over the sides. So good! The lunch menu featured a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich that was so huge, you will definitely need two hands to handle it. The Pub Burger was incredible, overflowing with melted cheese, thick slices of bacon, and sauteed onions on a pretzel bun! We also tried the Smothered Chicken topped with cheese and bacon, paired with some amazing brussel sprouts (just trust me on this one), creamy mac and cheese , and a warm roll. The owners told us that the Pub Burger and the Smothered Chicken are two of their top sellers and I can see why! Our taste buds were happy and our bellies were starting to get full, but there was one more surprise on the menu today. The chef brought out one of the most elaborately presented ribeye steaks that I’ve seen yet on our food journeys. It was cooked perfectly, sliced thin, then topped with a pat of steak butter. Also on the plate was the perfect accompaniment of a fresh Caesar salad and mashed potatoes topped with bacon bits, green onions, and cheese. We are aware that Samson is a little bit of a drive from Dothan, but we want you to know about this place so if you are ANYWHERE near this area you should totally pull in and enjoy The Alabama Pecan Company. We have literally been to over 100 restaurants during the last couple years of our food adventures and this one ranks right at the top for me as far as flavor of the food, presentation, and overall experience go. You know we aren’t afraid to venture out to take a food excursion, and there’s no reason for you to be either. Drop by, have a great meal, and take home a delicious gift before you leave. I know I’m ready to go back to The Alabama Pecan Company the very next chance I get.  

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